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11 Jun 2016
Miracles can happen!! An article about Moving On, ‘Helping People Move On’, caught my eye; in spite of a wrong email address and incorrect phone number I persevered and tracked Moving On down. From the moment I spoke with Lisa Oshlack, I knew that she was the person I had been searching for, not for myself but for my daughter. Having always had an incredibly active and busy life being a doctor as well as a very keen active interest in the theatre, she has over the last 20 years accumulated an amazing amount of books papers, articles, flyers ,theatre tickets and programmes, as well as clothes(many of which were mine), also having lived in New York for many years she also had about 100 unopened boxes all containing her possessions. I had tried everything to encourage her to do a huge clear up and sorting, however only with the wonderful help from Moving On. My daughter has now a very well organised home, everything now has a place, and she has now become much more aware of things she should keep and those she should throw out, many of the items were donated to certain charities. She still has some more work to be done, but Moving On will remain permanently in her busy life. I cannot praise Moving On enough, so if you need to declutter for whatever reason, just to move on!! Call Moving On.