DPS Guide to Aged Care 2012

6 Jun 2019 Tips

Your big move

It is not unusual for people who are downsizing, moving in to a smaller unit or having to move into a nursing home to have 50 years or more of accumulated goods and belongings.

The situation can be even more difficult for people who are on their own or where family are interstate and not available to help. Many people who are moving need packers, removalists, unpackers, sorter/ de-clutterer, assistant, confidant, coordinator, cleaner and gardener all rolled up into one.

The stress of both finding professional assistance and then coordinating can be overwhelming. If you need help the best avenue is to speak to a case manager, social worker, placement consultant or contact a business that specialises in practical assistance with all aspects of relocating.

There are a number of businesses that offer this type of service, one of these is Moving On. They provide practical assistance with:

  • De-cluttering and sorting through household contents and personal possessions prior to moving
  • Supplying wholesale boxes and packing material
  • Packing, moving and unpacking into your new home
  • Sorting the saleable items and having them either valued or sold at auction on your behalf
  • Delivering unsalable goods to various charities
  • Removing all items deemed as rubbish
  • The final touches such as gardening, repairs and much more
  • Having the house ready for sale or rental

There are so many things to prepare and organise. Companies like Moving On alleviate all the emotional and physical work involved in relocating yourself, a friend or loved one into an aged care facility. They understand the challenges involved during this kind of change and their professional team will help you

DPS Guide to Aged Care NSW & ACT 2010

Preparation leading up to your move

6 Jun 2019 Tips

4 weeks to go

  • Use up frozen food, start decluttering and saying goodbye to items that no longer serve you well or won’t fit into your new place.
  • Book your removalist team
  • Make a list of utilities you need to transfer


3 weeks to go

  • Plan placement of furniture in your new home, arrange council pick up if required and start taking unwanted items to charity

10 days to go

  • Redirect mail, let utilities know about your upcoming move, only purchase food items you will need for the coming days, nothing for the pantry

3 days to go

  • Dispose of flammable liquid, arrange for kids and or pets to be taken care of on your move day, let neighbours know about the possible disruption to the street, and confirm final plans with removalist.
  • Eat as much of your perishables as you can.

2 days to go

  • Separate a bag of clothes per family member including medication and last minute essential items so they are easily accessible

1 day to go

  • Set aside basic eating utensils to live with for the next 24hrs
  • Sit back and relax as your packing team take care of you


On the day of your move

  • Try reserve a spot out front for the truck
  • Try let your removal team take care of you by leaving them to do what they do best.

We hope you enjoy your new home!


29 May 2019 Tips


PLANNING (2 months before you move)

Commence Planning: As soon as your property is on the market, start planning your move.

Utilities and Services relocation: Landlord (if renting) internet, phone, pay TV, electricity, gas, water & mail redirection. Advise them of the date of your move as early as possible, request a final account and confirm in the final week before the move.

Postal address change notification: Make a list of companies to advise of your new address e.g Bank, Drivers Licence, Electoral Roll Medicare, Clubs. Build this list in the preceding months.

Get quotes for a removalist: Removalists offer different levels of service. Ensure that you are comparing like with like. Is packing and unpacking included? Are boxes and packaging materials included? Are boxes hired or purchased? Are unwanted goods taken to charity? Is rubbish removal included? Are additional services available like cleaning? Are dishwashers and other electricals disconnected? Are they reconnected at the new home? Are paints and other chemicals disposed of appropriately? Insurance?

Speak to family and friends to see if they are interested in being gifted items. Do not make assumptions about children wanting your heirlooms.

Local Council Clean-up & Chemical Clean-up: Find out the dates of your free Council & Chemical clean-ups and check how many personal clean-ups you are entitled to and how much notice must be given to book. This is by far the cheapest way of getting rid of your rubbish before moving.

Confirm your move date.