Q? Is there a set fee for your services?

Every job is different and needs to be assessed.  No job is the same and therefore no fee is the same.  Our fees are very competitive and our services aim to reduce your stress and help you at a time when you need support.

Q? Do you quote over the phone?

Generally we don’t, unless it is a service based on an hourly rate.  It is best for a Moving On® representative to meet with you to discuss your needs.  This will help us provide you with a competitive quote.

Q? Do I need to take out insurance when I am relocating?

This is recommended. Moving On® has its own Public Liability insurance, but it will not cover accidental damage to your goods, should an accident happen.  All care is taken to protect your personal belongings, but it is highly recommended that you take out your own insurance, for peace of mind.
Moving On® works closely with an insurance company that can provide you specific insurance for your move.  Contact us for more details.

Q? Will I be able to always talk with the same person throughout my job?

You will be assigned one supervisor who will look after you throughout your experience with Moving on and will be your first point of contact.

Q? I need some of my things shipped overseas. Can you help me?

Moving On® ships goods overseas to almost any country. Contact us for more details.

Q? Can you provide me with packing materials?

Yes. Moving On® can supply you with all the packing materials you require.

Q? My aunt in another state wants some of her sister’s possessions from the deceased estate, how can I get them to her?

Moving On® can pack and transport any goods to anywhere in Australia for you.

Q? I am physically unable to assist anyone with packing or sorting my goods, will that be okay?

Moving On® has a very capable team to assist with all aspects of your move. Let us take care of your move and your goods so you have the time to take care of yourself.