PLANNING (2 months before you move)

Commence Planning: As soon as your property is on the market, start planning your move.

Utilities and Services relocation: Landlord (if renting) internet, phone, pay TV, electricity, gas, water & mail redirection. Advise them of the date of your move as early as possible, request a final account and confirm in the final week before the move.

Postal address change notification: Make a list of companies to advise of your new address e.g Bank, Drivers Licence, Electoral Roll Medicare, Clubs. Build this list in the preceding months.

Get quotes for a removalist: Removalists offer different levels of service. Ensure that you are comparing like with like. Is packing and unpacking included? Are boxes and packaging materials included? Are boxes hired or purchased? Are unwanted goods taken to charity? Is rubbish removal included? Are additional services available like cleaning? Are dishwashers and other electricals disconnected? Are they reconnected at the new home? Are paints and other chemicals disposed of appropriately? Insurance?

Speak to family and friends to see if they are interested in being gifted items. Do not make assumptions about children wanting your heirlooms.

Local Council Clean-up & Chemical Clean-up: Find out the dates of your free Council & Chemical clean-ups and check how many personal clean-ups you are entitled to and how much notice must be given to book. This is by far the cheapest way of getting rid of your rubbish before moving.

Confirm your move date.