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6 Dec 2016

I was appointed executor of an estate for a woman who had very little family. As executor I had responsibility for collecting the assets, clearing her rental property, paying out any claims on the estate and distributing the residue to beneficiaries. Our brief to Moving On was that we needed to clean out the apartment and bring it up to condition that it could be handed back to the landlord, my client had been living there for over 20 years. This had to be done over a period of 8 days before the next rental cheque was due. Moving On did a magnificent job in organising the clean up. Where possible, some items were sold and the remainder was either given to the charity groups or simply taken away by her garbage removal company. After removal of all items, Moving On arranged for a cleaner to clean the apartment and we were able to hand back the keys by the due date and receive the full bond for my client. I would highly recommend Moving On to any person or organisation in a similar circumstance and am happy to provide any further reference if required