3 Box Charity Challenge

Seniors Week (18 - 25 March)

During this year’s Seniors week, Moving On, Sydney’s experienced de-cluttering service, challenges each and every senior to collect as many unwanted and unused items as they can to make up three boxes for their local charity outlet.

Not only will you lend a hand to the community with useful items, but it will free up your space.

“It’s incredible how used to clutter people become”, says Lisa Oshlack, director of Moving On. “We have been helping people ‘reclaim their space’ for many years and with some smart decision making, so many useful items go to charity that are just unused in a person’s home, but can be used by others ”.

When de-cluttering your wardrobe, ask yourself these questions…..and be honest.

  • When was the last time you wore a particular item?

If you haven’t worn a garment for more than a year, unless it’s a specialty item like a tuxedo or formal gown, let it go.

  • Does it still fit you?

Look in the mirror or get a second opinion from an honest family member or friend, there is no need to keep clothes that don’t fit.

  • Does the item have stains or moth holes on it?

These items don’t even go to charity, throw them away or add them to your rag collection in the garage. Sometimes pet stores like rags.

  • Does it really suit you anymore?

Sometimes we keep a piece of clothing that is really out of fashion. Again, an honest family member or friend can help.

In relation to other household items, there are many items people keep because they are ‘used to it’ on a mantle piece, display shelf or even stored away in a cupboard.

Lisa said, “We’ve helped people that haven’t been able to use their bed due to piles of clothes, papers and other knick-knacks stacked up over the years. They’ve actually had to sleep on the couch.

We met one gentleman who kept a stereo amplifier and speakers in the bottom of his wardrobe, which was affecting his space for hanging clothes, they were all pushed to one side. The equipment didn’t work but he kept it for sentimental reasons. After some discussion, he gave the equipment to his son, who actually got it repaired and uses it to this day, to his fathers delight.”

It is never too late to de-clutter your home and give yourself that extra space that you deserve.

It’s also a fantastic idea to rid yourself of unwanted items if you are planning on moving in the near future. The more you clear out now, the easier it will be to pack and move later. You can use a standard ‘Book and Wine’ removals box or a heavy duty garbage back to collect your charity items.

The 3 box charity challenge has been set and we entice you to achieve this simple challenge. Remember, it not only helps you find more space in your home, but also helps people within your community.

For further advice on de- cluttering and relocating, please contact Moving On at 1300 HELP ME (1300 4357 63) or at www.movingon.com.au